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Finland seminar has been cancelled
Unfortunately the seminar (T-2,P-1) has been cancelled for certain reasons.
  • International Conference

  • May.25.2017

  • 12:45

    May.26 16:30


    International conference BARI-SHIP 2017


    • Date : May.25.2017 12:45 ~ May.26 16:30
    • Fee : JPY 28,000 (tax included)
    • 25 (Thu) May



      Mr. Ryoji Kan

      Mayor, Imabari


      Mr. Koichi Muto

      Chairman, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines


      Coffee break

      Sponsored by LIBERIAN REGISTRY

                           LISCR JAPAN



      Mr. Yukito Higaki

      President, Imabari Shipbuilding


      Mr. Takashi Nakabe

      President, Onomichi Dockyard


      Mr. Katsuhiko Ochi

      President, Kyokuyo Shipyard


      Mr.Takashi Ueda

      President, Sanoyas Shipbuilding


      Mr. Tetsushi Soga

      President, Shin Kurushima Dockyard



      Mr. Tatsuo Imamura

      General Manager, Marine Department, Itochu Corporation



      26 (Fri) May


      Mr. Yujiro Ayada

      President, The Hyakujushi Bank


      Mr. Tatsuo Yasunaga

      President and Chief Executive Officer

      Mitsui & Co., Ltd.



      Sponsored by Class NK



      Mr. Shigeharu Oda

      President, Ushio Reinetsu


      Mr. Yuzo Tsutsui

      Assistant to Director

      General Management Division

      Shinko Ind.


      Mr. Takuo Yamada

      Senior Managing Director

      Executive General Manager

      Marine Business Division

      Taiyo Electric


      Mr. Takayoshi Nakashima

      General Manager

      Business Development Dept.

      Nakashima Propeller


      Mr. Yu Makita

      President, Makita


      Mr. Masayuki Manabe

      President, Manabe Zoki



      Mr. Yasuo Tanaka

      President, MTI

      14:45~15:00   Coffee break


      Mr. Hirofumi Sugahara

      President, Sugahara Kisen


      Mr. Yoichiro Seno

      President, Seno Kisen


      Mr. Toshiro Fujisawa

      Chairman, Soki Kisen


      Mr. Tadato Okochi

      President, Toyo Kaiun


      Mr. Katsuya Abe

      President, Nissen Kaiun


      Mr. Toshiyuki Seno

      President, CEO, Fukujin Kisen


      Mr. Hajime Tsuji

      President, Anchor Ship Partners


  • Special Seminar

  • May.25.2017

  • 10:20 ~ 11:20


    [T-1] National Group Seminar


    • Date : May.25.2017 10:20 ~ 11:20
    • Venue : C-Zone 2F Special Seminar Room

      【Consecutive Interpretation English⇒Japanese】

      Maritime Products and Services from The Netherlands                           


      Holland Pavillion

  • 11:40 ~ 12:40


    [P-2] SSI Private Seminar


    • Date : May.25.2017 11:40 ~ 12:40
    • 【Consecutive Interpretation English⇒Japanese】

      A Vision for a Synchronized Shipyard in Japanese Shipbuilding


      Learn about an agile and innovative technology platform addressing unique challenges of Japanese shipbuilders.It integrates flexible, configurable 3D design and engineering tools with a scalable PLM platform.This covers the complete lifecycle of shipbuilding and synchronizes, manages and controls shipyard activities.The solution can be implemented incrementally with immediate results, as proven at Huntington Ingalls, one of America's largest shipbuilders.


      Mr.Darren Larkins, CEO, SSI

      Mr. Masahiko Hisatsugu, President, Aras Japan

  • 13:00 ~ 14:00


    [T-3] ClassNK Seminar


    • Date : May.25.2017 13:00 ~ 14:00
    • Venue : C-Zone 2F Special Seminar Room
    • Japanese only】

      Outline of regulations and ClassNK activities for ships’ emission

      Global regulations for restricting NOx, SOx, PM emission from ships have been strengthened in phases and a decision was made to implement a global sulphur cap of 0.50% m/m outside emission control area (ECA) in 2020. ClassNK experts will give an outline of the regulations and talk about ClassNK’s activities to support the industry in complying with these emerging regulatory challenges.


      Mr. Koichi Nishifuji, Manager of Natural Resources and Energy Department, ClassNK

      Mr. Taro Okamoto, Manager of Machinery Department, ClassNK

  • 14:20 ~ 15:20


    [T-4] The Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc. Seminar


    • Date : May.25.2017 14:20 ~ 15:20
    • Venue : C-Zone 2F Special Seminar Room
    • Japanese only】

      The impact of environmental regulations on the shipping market


      The seminar focused on environmental regulations’ economic impact on the ocean shipping market. The assumption is that stricter environmental regulations would be factors in increased costs, such as the prices of newbuilding vessels, and maintenance expenses. On the other hand, the regulations would spur demand for fleet replacement and scrapping, and serve to alleviate the pressure of new fleet supply and the resulting impact on competition.  The seminar will examine how environmental regulations may affect the ocean shipping industry, and in turn the ultimate impact on market conditions.


      Mr. Ichiro Fujii, Manager, Japan Shipping Services Co., Ltd.

  • 15:40 ~ 16:40


    [T-5] National Maritime research Institute Seminar


    • Date : May.25.2017 15:40 ~ 16:40
    • Venue : C-Zone 2F Special Seminar Room


       Japanese only】

      Joint Research Programs - A way of R&D by the Marine Cluster of Japan

      Mr. Hiroyuki Yamato, President, National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology

      Towards the improvement of ship performance in actual seas

      Mr. Masaru Tsujimoto, Head of Performance of Ships in Actual Sea Research Group

      Evolutional Direction of Structural Goal-Based Standarads (GBS)

      Mr. Toshiro Arima, (The Former Director of Structural Strength Evaluation Department)

      Director of Rule Development Division, NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI (ClassNK)

      Approaches to autonomous ship technologies at NMRI

      Mr. Junji Fukuto, Director of Navigation & Logistics Engineering Department

  • May.26.2017

  • 10:15 ~ 12:40


    [T-6] Marine IT Seminar


    • Date : May.26.2017 10:15 ~ 12:40
    • Venue : C-Zone 2F Special Seminar Room
    • Japanese only】

      Providing a maritime IT open platform supported by the industry

      Open Platform to Promote Creation of Innovation through Utilization of IoT Data from Ships


      With rising hope for creation of new value such as further improvement of safety and performance of ships through IoT, Ship Data Center operates platform for data utilization. When you provide and utilize various ship related data in practice, you will find difficulties in initial cost, secure confidentiality, complicated contract matters, etc. In this lecture we introduce recommendable data circulation framework and available services to clear the hurdles.


      Mr. Takashi Nagatome,Representative Director and President

      Ship Data Center Co., Ltd.


      Contribution to the global maritime IT industry with a ship-shore open platform and satellite communication service


      We provide FOP (Furuno Open Platform), an IoT service infrastructure, by leveraging our technical know-how to build up ship-shore communication and onboard network, acquired through long years of experience in satellite communication business.FOP collects voyage data from various systems onboard, and delivers the data to service providers in cooperation with ShipDC.In this presentation, we will explain the positioning of FOP in terms of big data solutions in the maritime industry, followed by some tips for introducing FOP.


      Mr. Susumu Mori, Mananger, Marketing Section, Satellite Communication Business Depertment,


      Business insight with visualized ship performance based on voyage monitoring and analysis technology

      It is getting easier to collect voyage information based on the recent rapid development of IoT. But digital information to be converted to knowledge to utilize in the business field, through solid data analysis technology. In this presentation, we will introduce NAPA Performance Monitoring and NAPA Analysis Services based on the shipbuilding experience, and several examples of business utilization of analyzed data. We will also share the future perspectives around ShipDC data platform.

      Mr. Takashi Murakami, Manager Partnership Projects,NAPA Japan Ltd.


      Anomaly monitoring, automatic diagnosis and  maintenance support platform using ship IoT data,  and its application

      Introduction of CMAXS LC-A / e-GICSX which analyzes the collected big data, has the function of early abnormality detection, automatic trouble shooting, remaining life time prediction of parts based on condition diagnosis, dynamic maintenance scheduler based on predicted remaining life time of parts. In addition, I will show examples, effects, and tasks that apply this system as an integrated support platform to equipment other than the main engine.

      Mr. Takeshi Fujii, Manager, DIESEL UNITED,LTD.


      Activities of Smart Ship Application Platform 2 Project and utilization of big data in ship IoT


      In order to realize safe and efficient shipping operations, it is important to establish a system that combines and shares multiple data inputs such as navigation data, machinery data, weather data and others in one platform and make good use of these data.

      To facilitate the construction of such a system, the SSAP2 project has been working on the development of a platform which enables information sharing between shipboard hardware and various applications. In addition, we introduce examples of utilization of big data in ship IoT with the result of activity.

      Mr. Takashi Yamada,



      International Standardization Working Group Subleader, 

      Smart Ship Application Platform 2 Project by JSMEA

  • 13:10 ~ 14:10


    [T-7] Marine IT Seminar


    • Date : May.26.2017 13:10 ~ 14:10
    • Venue : C-Zone 2F Special Seminar Room
    • Japanese only】

      Possibility of the artificial intelligence in maritime industry

      The statistical and evolutionary machine learning approaches are explained clearly for the audience who is not an expert in those fields in this lecture.  Deep learning is discussed as a typical method of the former one, and several new AI approaches based on the latter one are introduced.  Especially, topics such as time series predicting, multi-agent simulation and so on are explained.

      Mr. Tomoharu Nagao, Professor・Chief of Research Center for Artificial Intelligence,

      Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences,

      Yokohama National University

  • 15:00 ~ 16:30


    [T-8] Imabari Region Maritime Cooperative's Seminar


    • Date : May.26.2017 15:00 ~ 16:30
    • Venue : C-Zone 2F Special Seminar Room
    • Japanese only】

      Comming soon

  • May.27.2017

  • 11:00 ~ 12:00


    [T-9] The Japanese Shipowners' Association Seminar


    • Date : May.27.2017 11:00 ~ 12:00
    • Venue : C-Zone 2F Special Seminar Room
    • Japanese only】

      Comming soon 

  • Event

  • May.27.2017

  • 13:30 ~ 14:30


    [E-1] BARI-SHIP × Bari Challenge University


    • Date : May.27.2017 13:30 ~ 14:30